Brazilian Beach Girls

Brazilian Beach Girls

What the Brazilians brought to the world

Brazil is known for being one of the liveliest places to go on holiday, but why is this? Well Brazil has got a lot about it that people around the world love. Here are the best things about the largest country in South America;

Carnival – when it comes to partying no-one does it better than the Brazilians. Every year for the 4 days leading up to Ash Wednesday the Brazilians partake in the biggest party in the world. It’s a time for everyone to have time off work and spend the days and nights partying through the streets of their town or city. The carnival is to celebrate the last excess before the beginning of Lent, so while the Brazilians have a 4 day party the UK have Pancake Day, doesn’t quite seem fair does it?

Beaches – now there are beaches all over the world and many will say that there are a lot more beautiful beaches in other countries, but for the amount, range and style of the beaches, Brazil really is the place to go. Brazil is a large country and the whole east side is on the coast so there are hundreds of miles of beaches. The north east is said to have the most beautiful beaches, with white sand and turquoise sea. They are great for scuba diving and snorkelling. If you want a beach to party on it has to be Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, they are some of the most famous beaches in the world and have amazing scenery. Go to Copacabana at any time of the day to see families and friends having a great time on the beach.

Havaianas – the started off as a flip flop seen to be for the less well off, sold in the local stores but in the past few years they have taken off to be the must have summer item of clothing. They are a flip flop made of 100% rubber and are seen as the most comfortable flip flops. As well as being comfortable they are also very stylish and the most popular range has the Brazil flag on the strap.

Music – though there may not be many Brazilian artists in the charts, this doesn’t stop the influence Brazil has had on music. Samba is the most famous style of Brazilian music, it’s the music played at the carnival and the distinctive drumming, features in music from all styles. Another style of music the Brazilians introduced to the world is Bossa Nova, this was started in 1956 by Joao Gilberto and had produced a number of famous songs, including The Girl from Ipanema, which won a Grammy in 1956 for Record if the Year.

Brazil is a country of many great inventions and amazing scenery, if you get the chance pack you bikini and a pair of Black Havaianas and get yourself off to Brazil.

Brazilian Beach Girls
Top tens of the year
Despite being a consistent pain in the ass in many, many ways, 2010 turned out to be a pretty good year for music. And the theme of 2010 was BOLD EPIC STATEMENTS. This was the year of beautiful/dark/twisted fantasies, suburban war stories, and triple-disc fem-folk odysseys.