Hot Brazilian Girls

Brazilian girls are hot, hot, hot.  There is really no doubt about that.  They love the beach and the outdoors and thankfully they are obsessed with having the perfect bikini bodies.

These days many beautiful young Brazilian babes are also interested in dating older, successful men from the United States are Europe.
Brazilian Girls
Why? It’s usually not for economic reasons.  The Brazilian economy is booming.  There are still large pockets of poverty, but in general there is a strong sense that Brazil is a country on the way up and that it is poised to be a leader in the twenty-first century.

No, the main reason that Brazilian women are interested in meeting older American or European men is, because Brazilian men are still obsessed with a tough sort of old school Latin machismo.   They also love the beach and are often said to be more vain about their appearance than the vast majority of the women.

They also firmly believe that a man is the head of his household, the patre familias, and that your wife and children are essentially your property.   Until recent years this was supported in the Brazilian civil code.

Brazilian guy are certainly not without their charms and good points, but for a lot of the most beautiful and talented Brazilian women they become a bit of a drag.  Also, women in Brazil are very familiar with the way women are treated in the United State and the European Union.  They watch American TV shows and see Hollywood movies and they like what they see about American and European men.

They like the idea of meeting men who are perhaps a little less vain, less macho, and less concerned with being the head of the household as opposed to being a great husband and father.

However, Brazilian women do tend to still like take charge guys and they definitely want to be romanced.

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